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Commercial Window Blinds

We supply and install every commercial blinds system available.

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Commercial Blind Systems

We can supply and install window blinds to suit all commercial property needs. Our 30,000 sq. ft. production facility gives us control over quality and delivery.

Roller Blind Systems

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Ideal for all window types, our roller blind systems are perfect for use in commercial environments that require durability, ease of use and low maintenance.

  • Flexibility – a range of barrel diameters allows us to manufacture to your requirements from very small up to the very large 5m wide x 10m drop.
  • Fabrics – comprehensive range of fabrics from top suppliers covering many colours and styles. We can offer Flame Retardant, Blackout, Dim out, Solar Reflective, and PVC options.
  • Finishes – Teflon coating option to provide a stain resistant finish.
  • Operation options – available in spring, chain, crank or electric options.
  • Brands you know – we can supply and install Silent Gliss including 4910 and 4830 systems, Benthin including RM/RL 01/06/07 systems, Louvolite, Mermet and Verosol and many more.

Room Darkening Blind Systems

Commercial Roller Blackout Blinds

Control the level of darkening you want for your room with our range of blackout and dimout blind systems.

  • Lights out – Cassetted roller blinds with a headbox, side channels and a bottom channel combined with a 100% blackout fabric will provide the highest degree of light exclusion you can achieve with a window.
  • Sizes to suit – we can manufacture our systems to bespoke to your window sizes.
  • Total control – our range of blackout, dimout and screen fabrics allow you control of light and choice of styles to match interior design.
  • Operation options – available in spring, chain, crank or electric options.

Tensioned Roller Blind & Atria Systems

Tensioned Roller Blind & Atria Systems

Our rooflight and skylight blinds and screens are perfect for an atrium or wherever you require a tensioned blind.

  • Solutions – we can supply and install rooflight and skylight blinds of varying size ranging from as little as 600mmx600mm to large 6.8m x 13m
  • Options – we can offer you every level of shading to full blackout.
  • Innovative – we supply and install the ZIP® blinds system from SHY® UK
  • Control – either manual or electric control is possible. Choose wired or radio control if going motorised.

Venetian Blind Systems

Commercial Venetian Blind Systems

The popular choice of window blind for offices, our Ultimate Venetian Blind System is the perfect solution for your project.

  • Full Control – available in 4 different slat widths – 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm – giving you more control over shading and privacy
  • Lasting – our venetian slats are flame retardant, easy to clean and high grade aluminium for a long life.
  • Security – angle the blinds to block visibility into the building yet still allowing a view outside for employees.
  • Integration – our 16mm and 25mm venetian blinds can be integrated within double glazed units with simple open/close controls.
  • Operation options – available with cord, wand, chain, crank or electric operation.

Vertical Blind Systems

Commercial Vertical Blind Systems

Another popular choice of commercial blinds, our Ultimate Vertical Blind Systems are made with highest quality components and fabrics.

  • Control – vertical blinds offer unbeatable Privacy and Light control with choice of open draws and louvre tilt operation.
  • Cover – we can build and install verticals to a maximum size of 6m wide with an 8m drop.
  • Choice – we offer a huge range of vertical fabrics designed to withstand the commercial environment.
  • Solutions – we can curve or slope tracks to cover even challenging windows.
  • Operation options – our vertical blinds are available with chain, crank, wand and electric controls.


  • Motorised Operation – Wall Switch, Remote Control, Full Automation via BMS
  • Child Safety – control devices such as breakaway chains on roller systems for environments where children may be present.
  • Gearbox/Crank Operations with fixed or detachable handles to prevent unauthorised use.

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